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  • How is the straw made? Is it really organic?
    Yes, the straws are 100% organic. We do not use any chemicals in the process.
  • In case of a reusable product, how many drinks does it last?"
    Sutu reed straws can last for months or a year with proper care. Durability is also dependant on the intense of the usage.
  • Do all the straws have the same diameter?
    As the straws are 100% organic the diameter varies typically between 6-9 mm. Single-use straws have wider range, also smaller diameter included.
  • Do all the straws look the same as presented on the website?
    They are similar but not identical. The straws are 100% organic and they have slight variations in the appearance. Each straw looks unique as designed by the nature.
  • How do I know SUTU staw is a good hygiene product?
    All the straws have passed mechanical cleaning (outside, inside), thermal treatment and quality control. The process is approved by Veterinary and Food Board of Estonian Republic.
  • What is reed? And is it eco-friendly to use it for drinking straws?
    Reed is a plant widely growing on the coastline of the seas, lakes and rivers. In old times it was a good material to build the roofs for houses and it kept the warmth. Nowadays reed is not needed for this purpose anymore. Still, to keep the coastline clean and local eco-system functioning the reed plants have to be harvested every year. On the coastline of our UNESCO biosphere island Saaremaa we have extensive areas of high quality reed plants. Compared to other straws (eg bamboo) it is much more eco-friendly as each purchase of Sutu straws is helping to keep the coastline clean.
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